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New way of web application deployment: “Bakery” process

I have been quite interested in continuous deployment and working on ‘bakery’ process using OpenStack (which is another cloud environment comparable to AWS). A traditional way of deployment is normally: pull source code from source management on production env create a tar file and then scp it & remote execute a script to untar create

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vmware fusion and shared directory on a host machine

I’m using vmware fusion to create many development environments so that I have completely isolated ubuntu for client A, windows 2008 server R2 for client B, centos for client C, and so on. Actually it was several months ago, but I was bothered to find a solution to this weird bug couple days. On vm

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laravel’s database migration and seed

I have not used laravel 4’s migration and seed features much until couple days ago. Oh boy, it’s a really sexy tool. It does not matter whether you are in a team or you are all alone doing everything. It’s a feature that every single develop must use if integrating with a database! Theoretically if

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Why I am going full JavaScript

Recently I claimed that I would go full FE. Since I’ve been working on couple projects utilizing Backbone/Marionette, I realized that it’s about time for me to go full JavaScript even for BE using nodejs. To be honest, I did not use nodejs much except running nodejs via forever and some hello world type apps.

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migration to joe’s datacenter

Did it again. However, this time I’m getting a dedicated server instead of cloud virtual servers based on one blog post. Since I do not have virtual servers, my environment is rather limited. So I decided to just go with apache instead of nginx and everything is vhost. It’s been a few weeks since I

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nodejs and forever

When I first learned nodejs, its version was something like 0.1.x. Also back then setting up nodejs application as service so that it keeps running continuously was a bit daunting job. Now with nodejs v0.10.10 and forever, that issue is gone. One thing I had a trouble with installing forever was “-g” option. This is

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Genghis mongodb admin UI

Downloaded it, installed it and love it. Simple and clean UI. I was using mongoHub, but the app has stability issue on my mac and it would crash here and there often although it is a mac os native app. I was quite impressed with Genghis. their website github

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